Another Painting is a score for site-specific installations to be interpreted in relation to the size and quality of the room in which they are enacted. At any new venue different artifacts are uniquely arranged according to the score. Thus, any new iteration of Another Painting diffracts all its previous enactments in an on-going reconfiguration of the score’s identity.

Another Painting (0) was produced at Birmingham School of Art in October 2015. It existed for few days and was never exhibited to the public. So far, its score has been re-enacted twice, both times at NEU NOW 2016.  Another Painting (1) has lasted for the whole time of the festival (14-18/09/16) while Another Painting (2) was produced via a live performance and lasted for one evening only (17/09/16).

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Another Painting (0), site specific installation (F. 08, Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham, UK), 2015, 280x170cm approx, digitally printed fabric, wall paint.


Another Painting (1), site specific installation (Machinegebouw, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 2016, 400x400cm, transparent organza silk, wall paint, self standing wall.


Another Painting (2), 2016, site specific installation (Westergastheater, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), undecidable size, transparent plastic sheet, lighting, light projection on wall, nighttime view.


Another Painting (2), live performance of its setting up during NEU NOW nacht.


Another Painting (2), setting up and taking down, daytime.


Photo credits: Another Painting (0) is by Luke Pickering, Another Painting (1) is by Sebastian Kreuzer and Luke Pickering.